Who is the Best Youtube Goalkeeper? freekickerz vs Modern Goalkeeping - Keeper Battle


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    The two youth Bundesliga & Oberliga goalkeepers face off: Bruno (#freekickerz) vs Mike (#Moderngoalkeeping) ▸ Join #teamfk : bit.ly/jointeamfk
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    1. Freestyle 001

      What’s the song name?

    2. Tyrone Chua

      I hate mike

    3. a b c d e

      you can see the "beyond professional" technique LOL

    4. xlm-_- Ben12

      Ja WTF hä Karol ist der beste auf DEfasts

    5. ralph shaner

      how dumb, modern goal keeping isnt a keeper. hes an entertainer with no talent

    6. Lacafn

      This is what happens when Modern Goalkeeping is not allowed to stage a video...

    7. Ethan Wilhoit

      I watched all of this just so I could see how bad Mike did because what I see all the time is Modern Goalkeeping is a fake and a fraud. And not to my suprise, he did terrible.

    8. Moayed Agg


    9. Irza Nihgenk

      I'm indonesia🇲🇨👽

    10. Blues Fan

      How the hell did Mike win the second?

    11. Marianne Ben Hamida

      Il est neuir

    12. Ledi Kastrati

      Mike 💙💙💙💙💙💙

    13. Manuel Greckl

      Der beste ist Karol

    14. b4rafael

      O de preto e melhor o outro os vídeos dele parese que ele bom não

    15. Faizan Ahmed Ansari

      Music name???

    16. EMI G.

      i mean, mike would be good enough for u12 girls soccer

    17. Hx Dx

      3:14 Mike even I could save that

    18. Pixxa_blue 1

      Don’t ever call this guy the best in any form of keeping. He is only good at being a fucking joke.

    19. Naird

      “Beyond professional”

    20. Lewis Christie

      LMAO this Mike muppet lies about what team(s) he's played for in every single video, New York Red Bull's should take legal action against this guy for continuing to perpetrate that he's played for them at any level.

    21. PUDDIPUDDI_2007

      Mike is such an ego, when Bruno makes a good save when he shoots he only cares about himself. So kids don’t watch Modern Goalkeeping he is such a dick

    22. Niall Jsb

      Must be beyond professional level, that's why he let that side volley in 🤫


      Modern gaol keooer nice

    24. Athul Krishna


    25. Ian Daniel

      0:26 song?

    26. Georg Steinbock


    27. Georg Steinbock

      Intro song?

    28. Bỉn Con TV

      I from VietNam. I love freekick

    29. amine elamili

      Anyone notice how he shoots harder balls for bruno to save and still saves some but mike some of them was easy to save but since he's a fraud he was sheite

    30. amine elamili


      1. amine elamili

        The only good save he did is that one on one thats it

    31. amine elamili

      bruh modern goalkeeping are sheite


      Modern trashkeeping



    34. David Arballo

      This modern guy is terrible lmao

    35. parmaman 85

      Without sounding cruel, Mike is too small to be a professional goalkeeper now days

    36. Kyle Kenrick

      Whats the song @8:04 ?

    37. YGrizou17

      Karol is einfach der King zusammen mit mike

    38. Grant Hruschka

      whats the intro music anyone know

    39. Flaming Basketball Club


    40. Marvin

      Mike is a joke

    41. Filippo 1

      The blonde one is so bad man… he can’t even get the positioning right… and he already knows where the ball is coming from

    42. Chris Mak

      That’s what happens when you call yourself “beyond professional” can’t even win freekickerz and you say “I have a professional contract”

    43. Chris Mak

      Mikey exposed

    44. MrSamahi

      Mike should be the camera man

    45. halim nadzmi

      This goes beyond fraud professional

    46. Lenni B


    47. Knofensa10

      Eigentlich muss man mehr Challenges machen

    48. connor griffin

      Put in the cycling gk

    49. 587 Enes

      Der mit dem hoodie sieht aus wie Memati

    50. Santiago Raluy Medina

      So that's what beyond professional level means.

    51. Andrew Barnett

      I mean Petr Cech has a youtube channel i think he may be a bit better than Mike

    52. lol made you mad

      I used to follow mike when I was younger cause I thought he was a beast, I did his training, and I wasn't getting any better, decided to unfollow him and look at other goalkeepers training and I did get better. Mike is a fraud, and if you keep following what he does, there is no chance you can make it to professional level.

    53. _DrTest_

      Спиряков лучший!

    54. Long Legs

      No. Big g is the best on DEfasts. Get ya facts right fool!

    55. josimer spadigam

      Isn't this guy Mike who goes "beyond professional level" ????

    56. YmiR Review

      Besides mike getting his ass beaten, there were a lot of things that he did that are not even the right technique And i dont even want to talk about his position. He tries to predict the shots a lot pf the time, making him not react in time and making it even a harder safe if he fails his prediction. If you had received proper trainings as a goalkeeper you would also notice those things

    57. lil small tribe

      Bruno shit on him

    58. AghaNAREsPra

      I thought I already know modern goalkeeping

    59. Mario Gavranić


    60. Adrian Cooper

      lmaoooooo mike is shit


      Igor rezende riu disso

    62. bo2 shot

      Modern goalkeeper is bad

    63. jaime basilio

      Modern keeper is bad😂, he migh my have some “good quality” but those are real shots and cont be edited or reshot like how he does in his “training videos” what a fraud mans really here training like he’s a pro I’ve seen him play and train before ain’t much 😂and I heard he charges if you take pics of him pathetic

    64. Callum Jones

      The cycling GK is now the best keeper on DEfasts (not that Mike was anyway)

    65. Yassir MSR

      Aka worst goalkeeper on youtube

    66. Hardface_ Hakim

      Mike ist ein lappen mit sein trainingvideos bein anderen kann ich nix sagen aber mike würde definitiv nichtmal in der Kreisliga 1 wahl sein und nein ich bin kein hater sondern ich bin ehrlich

    67. Pira Sumner

      Modern Goalkeeping isn't actually that bad. its just that he does useless drills and over-exaggerates everything for social media

    68. Callum Brandford

      The cycling gk is the best gk on DEfasts

    69. Boris Stoevski

      "Beyond professional level"

    70. Sergio Ramos

      and jan?

    71. Hiszpan 086

      Mike is loser

    72. Charles Rodrigue


    73. Lennard

      Mike is a show Keeper but not a real goal keeper xD

    74. Adi BOY

      I am from ( India ) Arunachal Pradesh My DEfasts channel Adi boy

    75. tofer

      Son tontos no se comparan a messi i a cristiano Ronaldo

    76. Niklas Kxkdkd

      3rd challenge breaking a childs arm

    77. fknruben

      @gkgoulremi should be here

    78. bro ok

      A youth academy player performed better then a person who claims to be “over professional”

      1. Cristi Matei

        Tehnicaly beyond professional level means retirement

    79. bishr vlogs


    80. Alexis Borges

      U are so shitty am laughing so hard

    81. Emma Pinsent

      Mikes best drill of the year or whatever.is breaking children’s arms👏🏻

    82. Emma Pinsent

      Mike is the best fraud goalie that I have seen

    83. Zain Abbassi

      modern goal keeping is trash they just throw air balls

    84. ArschlochTV

      Mike ist nicht so gut wie Bruno alter Bruno Is ne Maschine😍

    85. Curtis C

      Modern goalkeeping ist ein groß hochstapler

    86. LeonBeats

      Bruh hes a cown

    87. Reid

      Good video but dont promote the Mordern Clown he's a fraud and fakes all his videos

      1. Mel Montel

        I think this vid was just made to expose them cus freekickerz are very good

    88. عمران الرحبي

      Do you challenge me, I am inside the Sultanate of Oman?

    89. Kevin Martin

      I’d like mike to go against Tobjzzl or Fifamanny or any of the sidemen, he’d lose every time

    90. Gabriel Majdandzic

      Bruno is einfach besser

    91. Pewdiepie Lo

      Modern goalkeeping channel is the worst channel

    92. Spark2617

      This video is just exposing modern goalkeeping and how bad he really is.

    93. F N

      Karol ist besser als alle beide zusammen

    94. MaxHolziTV

      Karol Vs Bruno

    95. Poojayadav Poojayadav


      1. *******

        umm why are commenting Ronaldo?

    96. Mert Bakkal

      mike better than bruno

      1. Pedro Araujo


    97. Ice Vmaster


    98. Deividas aka Trilitrinis

      And don’t forget” beyond the professional “.

    99. all Rounder

      Man the player shooting the ball was so bad

    100. Eviatar Ben Hanan

      Mike isn't a pro goalkeeper just a good diver